Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture
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Osamu Ikeda

Mutsushi Andou

Head Office:

Zip code:463-0081
461-1 Kawamiya-cho, Moriyama-ku
Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan



Oosaka Factory:

Zip code:578-0903
Imakome 2-5-14



Prototype of plastic resin parts... First of all, Please contact us.

For example...
   You must keep up delivery time for new prototype parts.

For the show model...
   You can prepare
the Beautiful Colored Transparent Parts without mold cost and time.

For trouble...
   You must obtain the parts for design changes in a hurry.

For the assembly plant...
   You must prepare the jig in a hurry. We design it and create it.

For confirmation...
   Do you understand the intent of the designer ? We make a mock-up immediately.

For 3D digital data...
   You do not have enough time to. We creating 3d cad data immediately.

We received a lot of requests, we have completed the requests.

Our staff was experienced. we resolve the problem.

Prototype, we would like to receive orders from all over the world.



 Business Overview

 Product Planning and Development 

3D cad data creation

Design mock-up created

 Product Detailed Design

3D modeling

Part design, Create Parts Diagram

 Prototype Creating

NC Machining Parts

Stereolithography Molding

Vacuum Casting Prototype

Prototype Simple Molding



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Our work is to help you with product development companies in the modeling of plastic.

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