Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture
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Vacuum Casting is

Method of thermosetting resin molding in a silicon mold using vacuum negative pressure.

First of all, create a master model by machining.
By transferring copy it, make a silicon rubber mold.

Casting has a lot of benefits, such as "mold cost reduction", "shortening delivery time".

There are a number of achievements in the field of "prototype", "small quantity products"


  Silicon rubber mold   

The material of the master model, can be anything.

 Resin, Metal, Wood, etc.


Silicon mold of phone panel

Our feature

We made a colored casting product, with the specified color.

(Except for the special color)



Machinery Facility

1.Vacuum casting machine

2.Drying furnace




manufacture by the silicon mold


Create a master model
Bonding the gate


Fix the model
Assemble the formwork


Pouring defoaming silicon.
To the formwork


To vacuum
Defoaming the silicon


When silicon was solidified
Split the silicone mold.
Silicon mold complete


Combined silicone mold
And fixed in frame
Make a casting gate


The amount was calculated
Mixing the resin material


Injecting the resin material
into the silicon mold




After the resin solidified
Open the mold
Take out the product.

Our company's work is to help you with product development companies in the modeling of plastic.

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