Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture
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Our company's work is to help you in the modeling of plastic.
Maintaining a high quality product.
We believe that it is related to the next business.
Also,we strives to ensure that not leak the information of the product.

CEO : Osamu Ikeda

       Company Name :  NEWCOMM CO.,LTD
       Established      :  August 1998
       Capital            :  3 million yen

No.461-1 Kawamiya-Cho, Moriyama-Ku, Nagoya-City, Aichi, Japan

Osaka factory:
2-5-14 Imakome, Higashiosaka-City, Osaka, Japan

Business Outline
Resin NC machining, vacuum casting, stereolithography, Simple Mold Method,
plating, painting,
3D data creation

Client Company
OA Equipment Manufacturers
Communications Mquipment Manufacturers
Electronics manufacturers
Amusement related manufacturers
* we will refrain specific company names for a duty of confidentiality.

Machinery Facility
Robodrill (FANAC  α-T14)
Cutting machine(Kitamura)
Vacuum Casting Machine(Sosey)
Drying furnace(Plasmate)
Plane Engraving Machine(Sakazaki)
Blasting Machine
: 8   (Associate Factory : 20)
: 2
: 2   (Associate Factory : 2)
: 3
: 2
: 2

CAD/CAM Software
Solidworks,  Visi,  Rhinoceros,  Freeform

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