Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture
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We create the precise Prototype by advanced NC precision robodrill machining in a delivery time.
Processing data is create from the drawings or 3D data.

We have the self-confidence to transparent cutting parts that are used to Surface of the product.

Our beautiful colored transparent parts, like the molded parts, have been praised from all sectors companies.

You can also feel free to contact us with questions, resin material, surface treatment.
(Resin plating, vapor deposition plating, transmittance processing with laser, inkjet printing and paint)

We corresponds to most of Cad data.
(IGES, DXF, STEP, x_t = Parasolid, DWG, 3dm, Prt, Stl, etc.)

Transparent color cutting parts

Transparent color cutting parts

Clear transparent cutting parts

Transparent clear cutting parts







Manufacturing process


1. Program 
Create a cutting process data


  2.   Setting 

Determine the various settings, and place the material to table


  3.  NC machining

Robodrill will cut resin with amazing precision


  4.   Hand processing 

deburring,adhesive and Polishing


  5.   Inspection 

Inspect the dimensions and specification.


  6.   Complete 

Shape is completed. 

After this,
do surface treatment





-Factory internal-

Cad Room

Cad Room



NC Robodrill Room

NC Robodrill Room



Band saw,sand blaster,Carving machine

Band saw  sand blaster  and  Carving machine

Our company's work is to help you with product development companies in the modeling of plastic.

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