Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

Plastic Resin Prototype Trial Manufacture

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We create the 3D shape data.

Modeling = Create the 3D shape digital data from Design image.

We create the 3D data from 2D drawings.
We create the 3D data from design image.
We create the Changing 3D data from existing data.
We create the design in the 3D space.
We create the variety of documents using the 3D data.

Use CAD application : Solidworks, Freeform

Necessity and Practical use of 3D data

By 3D shape data, it can be interference check, and be check of the function, and 3D data is an essential element in production of parts mold.
However, there are also other practical use.
In the product development, initial realistic-visible review is necessary. Only the sketch of the designer is too inaccurate.
By creating a 3D data from the sketch, all members discuss at an early stage of the product development, it is possible to extract the problems.
By sufficient considerationAyou can go smooth into production planning.
In the current situation, 3D data will be required in consideration of all of the production process.
3D shape that is created, is no problem for sales member unaccustomed to drawing.
3D data is also useful for design review and product planning.
You can be used to 3D data for drawings deployment, analysis data, trial data, SLA data, mold production data, assembly materials for consideration, assembly instructions diagram, presentation document, marketing document, and Service Manual.

We have received many order of the creation of 3D CAD data.

Our training data

Our company's work is to help you with product development in the modeling of plastic.

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